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Getting Started

If you're looking for a new website but aren't sure where to start, you're in the right place.

Web Design by Sugar Design Group

So you've got a great idea for a website

Whether you're looking for a quick and cost-effective one page website, a modest ecommerce shopping site, or a monster multi-page enterprise site… you've got an idea and you're getting ready to make it a reality. Read on to find out what's involved in our process and then drop us a line when you're ready to get started!

The most common projects we work on include:

  • One page business or event websites
  • Multi-page Wordpress websites
  • Ecommerce shopping websites

In addition to the most commonly requested projects we also love doing custom development jobs. This means that we will asses your individual needs based on your requirements and build a website package that suits you best.

Step 1

We'll help you define you goals

During the DISCOVERY stage, we will ask you a series of simple questions to help define what the goals are of your project.

  • What is the purpose of the site?
  • What functions will need to be included?
  • Will your site require maintenance?

Gathering this kind of information will help our team understand your goals and what kind of website will best acheive them.

During this stage we will also consider your timeline, budget, and any other expectations you may have for the project. Once we have all the information we need, we will provide you with a free quote, and you’ll have the opportunity to decide when you’re ready to proceed to the next step.

Web Design by Sugar Design Group
Web Design by Sugar Design Group
Step 2

Research and Preperations

With your approval, we're ready to start on the next stage: RESEARCH AND PREPARATIONS. Before we get started building your website, we have some homework to do!

During this step, our design team will conduct some common-sense industry research, collecting thoughtful information that will help your website succeed among the rest.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Who are your competitors online, and what makes them successful?
  • How can we make your website stand out among the rest?

Content preparations will also take place during this step - obtaining or creating the written content and collecting images and textures for the web pages. Once we've gathered all the materials and scoped out the competition, we're ready to move forwards.

Step 3

Building a foundation

Now that the content and direction has been defined, we can begin on the PLANNING stage. This is when the website begins to take shape.

Some examples of tasks that take place at this stage are

  • Installing a database
  • Planning a sitemap
  • Installing a theme or wireframes

The goal of this stage is to set out a foundation that provides the blank canvas to build your website on.

Web Design by Sugar Design Group
Web Design by Sugar Design Group
Step 4

Designing the Website

With the website structure in place, we are ready for the DESIGN stage. This step is when we start to build an outline, or prototype, of how the website will look.

We will come up with a style for the website, including the colors that will be used, and the layout that information will be presented in. Once we have produced a concept that we're proud of, we will send over a mock-up of the home page for client approval.

Once everyone is satisfied with the style we've created, we'll move on to the next step of developing the rest of the website.

Check out some of our recently designed websites to see what we've created lately.

Step 5


The DEVELOPMENT stage is when we take the approved concept and use it as a style guide to create all the other pages of the website. We are now working hard to add in all of the content, images and functions to create your professional, clean and attractive looking website.

During this step you can find us

  • Editing, creating and/or customising images
  • Developing custom functions or installing add-on features
  • Styling fonts and text areas

Depending on the type of website we are working on and the number of pages involved, this step typically takes the longest to complete.

Web Design by Sugar Design Group
Web Design by Sugar Design Group
Step 6

Quality Control

Your website is almost done! Lastly, we've added in a step that most design firms don't include on their official process – QUALITY CONTROL. We like to dedicate some time to review the entire site, checking everything from grammar and links, to screen resolution and functionality tests.

We will also take the time to check out your website on different internet browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari & Opera) and screen sizes (various computer screens, tablets & smart phones) to make sure it's absolutely perfect.

If we find anything that isn't up to our high standards, we'll stop and fix it before considering the website to be finished.

Finished & Ready for Launch:
3... 2... 1... BLAST-OFF!

Once we're satisfied that everything is perfect and our client is thrilled with what we've created, it's time to launch the site. We'll get it all set up on the domain and consider the project finished.

Now is a great time to send the link to your contacts and show off your new website! Are you looking for more website traffic or want to appear on local searches in your area? Read on to our 'What's Next?' section for more on our marketing and SEO efforts, designed to help you succeed post-launch.

Web Design by Sugar Design Group

What's Next?

Compete in your industry for a top spot in serach engine results

Getting Found on Google

Viewers are searching for websites just like yours on Google every single day. Do you want to show up among the top results? Consider a Search Engine Optimization package for your website to boost your search-ability and get found on the most popular search engines.

We offer

  • Organic Search SEO
  • Local Visibility SEO
  • Competitive SEO

Have a look at our Search Engine Optimization packages to see what fits your needs, and your budget.

Web Design by Sugar Design Group


Need a team? We can help long term

Web Design by Sugar Design Group
We're Available:

Project Management or Technical Support

For websites that require ongoing maintenance, we offer webmaster support and ongoing customer service. We’ll maintain your website, managing your updates and keep an up-to-date backup, ready to save the day if anything goes wrong.

For websites that do not require regular maintenance, we are available on an hourly basis should you ever need some help adding something to your site, or making changes. Rest assured if you run into any problems or just need some help, we’re available.

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